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Smart Cash Before Delivery

E-commerce Companies are looking at different ways and means to improve their working capital and cash flow which has given rise to “Cash before Delivery”. Innovation of Cash Before Delivery(CBD) as a method to get both of best of both worlds to allow those without plastic money to get the benefits of online shopping, as well as to reduce the overall cost to users by reducing the cost of returns or undelivered goods. It is an advance cash payment option.

The service where Delcart delivers the product to the consignee on behalf of the shipper where the cost of the product is already been paid by the consignee. it is one of the payment method in which an order is processed when received, but is shipped only upon receipt of full payment.

This facility made available for customers who would like to pay using Cash. The order is processed immediately upon receiving cash payment and the delivery is done within few days from date of order.